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Electrician in Vance, AL

When your generator needs to be repaired, your outlets need to be updated or your breaker panel needs to be inspected, it’s important to have a trusted professional examine the issue as soon as possible. Call Premier Service Company, Inc. for 24-hour services in Vance, AL. We’ve provided services to the area since 1992!

We offer the following electrical services, and more, to the Vance, AL area:

We Serve Customers Throughout Vance

Common Outlet Issues to Watch For

Outlet issues can pose major risks to your home or building. To keep your property safe it’s important to identify problems with your outlets as soon as possible to schedule repairs.

Some potential issues to watch for can include:

  • Worn-out slots: As slots wear out, the contact points lose the ability to hold the plug, which can create electrical resistance and heat. This can lead to wiring problems and could cause a circuit breaker to trip.

  • Loose wire connections: Circuit wire connections can loosen over time. If they become too loose, it can cause problems.

  • Cracks: Cracks in the body of outlets can allow dust or debris to enter the receptacle.

  • Improper rating: Make sure the outlets are appropriate for the items you are plugging into them. Otherwise, this can place too much stress on the system.

  • No ground connection: Outlets that have not been properly connected to the circuit grounding wire should be inspected and corrected by a professional.

  • Lack of AFCI or GFCI Protection: New electrical codes require that outlets in most areas of your home have arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) or ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection. If your outlets are outdated they should be replaced by a professional.

Signs Your Circuit Breaker Needs Repairs


To protect your home or building, it’s important to keep your circuit breaker functioning properly.

If you notice the following issues you should call an electrical contractor as soon as possible to repair the problem:

  • Wires are frayed

  • Metal is burnt

  • Circuit breaker continually trips

  • Breakers are hot to the touch

  • There’s a burning smell coming from the electrical panel

  • Breaker makes hissing or popping noises

Why You Need a Backup Generator?


Are you not sure if you need a backup generator at your property? When heavy storms move in and the risk of an outage increases, a generator can keep your house or building safe.

Installing a system provides the following advantages:

  • Keeps your property comfortable during a power outage.

  • Keeps important appliances like your refrigerator and septic systems running.

  • Allows you to continue activities you were doing before the power failure that required electricity.

  • Keeps your family and building occupants safe by preventing a blackout


Tips for Homeowners

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