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Filter Replacement

HVAC Filter Replacement in Tuscaloosa

Is the air quality from your AC or heater poor? Call Premier Service Company, Inc. to fix it with a quick AC or furnace filter replacement in Tuscaloosa.

If your AC or furnace is blowing dirty air, Premier Service Company, Inc. can quickly fix the problem with an air filter repair or replacement. We provide this service to commercial and residential properties throughout Tuscaloosa, AL, and will be happy to offer it to you as well.

For many, we are the first choice for air filter installation and repair because they know choosing us guarantees:

  • Quick turnaround times

  • Transparent and fair pricing

  • No mess left behind

  • Excellent results

  • Polite and professional technicians

  • Easy scheduling, including for emergency services


Need your ductwork cleaned as well? We do that too! Call today to get started.

When to Get an AC Filter Replacement?

An AC will be unable to deliver clean and cool air if its air filter is clogged with dirt. The more frequently you use an AC, the more frequently you’ll need an AC filter replacement.

Signs the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced include:

  • Laboring to deliver cool air

  • Reduced energy-efficiency

  • Poor indoor air quality


When you notice any of the above, don’t hesitate to call us for a quick and effective air conditioner filter replacement service. We recommend contacting us for this service at least once every three months.

In certain scenarios, getting a replacement more often may be required. For instance, if you have pets and fur keeps getting caught in the air filter, having your air filter changed once every two months becomes prudent. If you have allergies and are more sensitive to poor indoor air quality, it’s best to get a replacement at least once a month.

Furnace Filter Service


Changing the air filter in your furnace is just as important as changing your AC’s filter. Your furnace’s filter will capture dust, debris, pet dander, and other dirt that will clog it. If it’s not cleaned or replaced when necessary, the heater’s ability to function energy-efficiently and generate consistent warm air will be compromised.

If you live in the Tuscaloosa area, Premier Service Company, Inc. can prevent such issues by providing you with a scheduled furnace filter replacement service. We can arrange to deliver the service at your convenience once every three months.

Like AC filter replacement, pet owners should get the service more often—once every one to two months, depending on how much your pet sheds.

Contact us to schedule the regular maintenance of your heater’s filter.

Benefits of Frequent Air Filter Change


By scheduling AC or heater filter replacement with us at regular intervals, you can look forward to benefits like:

  • Improved indoor air quality

  • Extended AC or heater lifespan

  • Lower utility bills

  • Better airflow from your unit

  • Fewer occurrences of heater or AC breakdown


At Premier Service Company, Inc, we have the expertise and specialized equipment to change air filters in various types of heating and cooling systems, including ductless and central units. We are also available 24/7 to deliver the service quickly at any hour, on any day.


Tips for Homeowners

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