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Furnace Repair in Tuscaloosa

Get a lasting solution to your furnace problems in Tuscaloosa by contacting Premier Service Company, Inc.


Is your furnace acting up? The sooner the problem is fixed, the better. At Premier Service Company, Inc., we specialize in providing lasting solutions to the furnace problems of our customers in Tuscaloosa, AL.

All you need to do is give us a call, and we’ll send our expert technicians over to fix it on the spot. Our furnace repair service team can fix any system, regardless of if you have a ductless or central gas, electric, or oil furnace in place.

When to Call for Professional Furnace Repair?

Each furnace type has several components that work together to deliver effective heating. A fault with one of these components will affect the entire system’s performance, leading to issues such as:

  • Short cycling

  • Irregular flames

  • Strange sounds from the system

  • Poor air quality

  • Cracked heat exchangers


By effectively diagnosing a heater’s problem, we can pinpoint exactly which component has issues and deliver a lasting solution. Taking this approach ensures the system is restored to optimal performance and eliminates the need for inconvenient repeat services.

Whether you have an electric or gas furnace in place, Premier Service Company, Inc. has the expertise and specialized tools for accurate diagnosis and quick repairs. And because we offer 24/7 emergency repair service, you can contact us at any hour, on any day for immediate repairs.

Is Furnace Maintenance Important?


If you want to use your furnace to function without issues, then yes, furnace maintenance is important.

We recommend getting maintenance services at least once a year, preferably during late spring or early autumn. Performing maintenance during such periods ensures your heater is prepared to deliver optimal heating through the winter months.

As a reliable, local furnace service company, we can provide maintenance services to residents in all parts of Tuscaloosa. Our approach to performing maintenance will depend on if you have an oil, gas, or electric furnace in place.

For gas or oil furnaces, maintenance typically involves:

  • Cleaning or changing the air filter to ensure airflow isn’t negatively impacted.

  • Run carbon monoxide tests to ensure the furnace isn’t leaking dangerous gas.

  • Inspecting the furnace ducts for leaks and sealing any that are found.

  • Checking the blower for obstructions and clearing any that are found. The blower may also require lubrication.

  • Examining the inside of the furnace for rust, holes, separated seams, and other defects.

  • Cleaning the burners, sensor, and pilot so they can work effectively.

  • Clock the furnace’s high limit to ensure it doesn’t overheat.


By performing all of the above, we’ll ensure that your heater is operating safely and energy-efficiently, as well as capable of keeping you warm with no worries.

Is It Time to Replace Your Furnace?


Our team will go above and beyond to repair your furnace if possible, but there are cases where replacement is the more cost-effective—if not only—option.

Your furnace may be ready for a replacement if it is:

  • Older than 15 years.

  • Using more fuel than usual.

  • Requiring frequent repairs.

  • Not adequately meeting your home’s heating needs.

  • Severely damaged and would cost more to repair than replace.


We’ll always discuss your options with you and provide transparent pricing comparisons so that you can make an informed decision about the repair or replacement of your heating system.


Tips for Homeowners

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