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Gas Leak Detection in Tuscaloosa, AL

For accurate gas leak detection and repair in Tuscaloosa, call our experts now.

A gas leak in the home is not only disruptive but can also be fatal if not detected quickly. Even a small gas leak will build up over time potentially resulting in an explosion. Don’t let this happen to you!

Premier Service Company, Inc. in Tuscaloosa, AL is the gas leak detection company more residents trust. We have been resolving residential and commercial gas fumes for more than twenty years. No other local plumbing contractor in the city has the tools and experience to provide safe yet accurate gas leakage detection.

Call our team of gas detection experts if you suspect gas fumes inside your home. Open all windows and doors for ventilation and exit the premises. Call your utility company to let them know. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Gas Leak Repair Specialists

We understand that a gas leak poses a life or death situation. That is why when there are gas fumes in your home, we move quickly as if your life depended on it because it does. When we arrive at your home, we will use specialized tools to pinpoint the exact location of the puncture.

Our gas leakage specialists are trained to spot the escaping fumes and repair the issue following all city and local code to ensure your safety and that of your community. We not only repair the puncture, but we will offer recommendations on what to do to prevent such a close call from ever happening again.

Signs of a Slow Gas Leak at Home


You may have a gas leak and not even know it. Sometimes the loss is so subtle that you don’t notice it. Or worse, you may be aware of the issue but you put it off thinking it’s too small to do any damage.

Small gas losses that go unnoticed can sometimes cause the most destruction. That’s because the leaked gas will accumulate inside the home and eventually cause a fire or explosion. Fortunately, you will see signs of a leak but you have to pay close attention.


Here are the more common signs you may have a gas leakage:

  • The pilot flame is blue (not orange or yellow).

  • You develop physical symptoms like headaches, and light-headedness.

  • Your gas bill is higher than normal.


A gas leak is a plumbing emergency! Call today for immediate service from our experts.

What You Can Do to Prevent Gas Leaks


All pipes corrode with time, and that includes our gas pipes. Routine gas loss inspections are the best way to ensure your home does not become another statistic to a residential gas flow explosion. Gas-sourced appliances should receive a yearly inspection that includes gas loss detection.

We offer annual gas leakage detection to ensure your home is safe from gas losses, big and small. Give us a call to speak to a maintenance technician who will be happy to help you choose the right maintenance plan for your household.





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