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Whole Home Water Softener Services in Tuscaloosa, AL

Give Premier Service Company, Inc. a call to say goodbye to hard water stains for good.


While Tuscaloosa, AL, has some of the highest-quality water in the state, some people find that it’s quite hard. Hard water has a high mineral content that can impact how well your water works as a cleaning agent. It can also do significant damage to your home—and your hair.

An expert water softener installation by Premier Service Company, Inc. can save you money and trouble by converting your hard water into soft water.

Does your water also taste funny? Consider a whole-home water filtration system.

How Do I Know if I Have Hard Water?

There are several tests you can do at home to determine if you have hard or soft water.

The easiest way to tell if you have hard water is to look at your glassware. Hard water leaves little white calcium deposits on the surface of glassware. If you notice that your glassware is dull, even after washing, chances are you have hard water.

Hard water also affects your clothing and your skin. Clothes washed in hard water quickly lose their vibrant color and tend to fade and wear down faster.


If you take a shower in hard water, you may come out feeling just as dirty as when you went in. You may also notice dry skin, or a brassiness to your hair if it is lighter in color.

What are the Benefits of Soft Water?


While hard water isn’t going to affect your health, there are some benefits that you’ll enjoy if you have soft water:

  • Reduce your soap and detergent usage by up to 75%.

  • Feel cleaner after taking a shower.

  • Reduce wear and tear on kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and ice machines.

  • Reduce the yearly energy cost of your water heater by up to 29%.

  • Prevent damage and scale build-up on your pipes.

  • Doesn’t stain toilets and sinks the way hard water can.


Interested in improving more than just your water? Check out our indoor air quality services.

How Do Water Softeners Work?


Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium from water using ion exchange. While you can put a small water softener on your kitchen tap, a better option is to install a whole-house water softener instead.

A whole-home water softener system removes calcium and magnesium from your home’s water supply before it builds up in your pipes. The system consists of a mineral tank that plugs into your home’s piping system. The tank has unique resin beads that pull out the minerals from the water before it enters your home, ensuring that all your faucets, showers, and appliances get soft water.

While many plumbers offer water softener installation, we recommend sticking to the professionals. Our expert technicians at Premier Service Company, Inc. will install the water softener as close to your water point as possible, ensuring your entire piping system is protected.





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