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Everything You Need To Know About Backflow Testing

Clean drinking water is vital to maintain human health. In today’s world, people sometimes tend to take clean drinking water for granted because it is so readily available. That is until backflow occurs.

For homeowners that suspect backflow is affecting their home, it’s crucial they have backflow testing done. It is the only way to ensure that drinking water is still safe to consume. If the home is prone to flooding, it might also be a good idea to have a backflow test done each time it floods. It not only keeps homeowners safe, but it keeps those around them safe as well.

What Exactly Is Backflow?

Backflow is a type of flooding that happens to a home’s plumbing system. Basically, it is when the water and waste begin flowing in the opposite direction and come back into the home. This happens when there are pressure changes in the plumbing system. These changes can be from an open fire hydrant or even a break in the main water line.

When this occurs it can cause all sorts of problems for a home’s plumbing system. Not only that, but it poses a health risk for all the homes in the area. The plumbing system is completely connected, so if one home falls victim to backflow, chances are the neighbors are experiencing it as well.

Experts recommend that homeowners have backflow testing done each year so they can stay on top of their home’s potable water supply and ensure their prevention device is in proper working order.

How To Prevent Backflow

Backflow prevention is extremely easy and can significantly reduce the risk that a home will fall victim to backflow. It is essentially a device that gets installed into the home’s piping system. This device ensures that the water supply will only travel in one direction and never the opposite direction.

These devices are extremely reliable and can save homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs from water damage down the line. Even if they haven’t ever had to worry about backflow problems, it is still worth investing in a backflow prevention device.

The Purpose of Backflow Testing

Backflow testing has more than one purpose. Not only does it keep homeowners safe from contaminated drinking water, but it potentially stops aggressively contagious illnesses and diseases throughout cities and even countries. Backflow testing is extremely important to the overall health of society. Without it, the world would see a lot more diseases.

Contaminated water isn’t always easy to spot either. It usually occurs when things like:
  • Fertilizers

  • Human waste

  • Chlorine

Flow back into the home. Additionally, this is a great opportunity to ensure the backflow preventer is in proper working order. Because these devices are only in use when there’s an emergency, it’s common for them to fall into disrepair. By having annual inspections, homeowners can trust that when the device is needed, it will work properly.

Premier Service Company Inc. Knows Plumbing

When homeowners are having plumbing issues, they should call the professionals at Premier Service Company Inc. to get the job done right. They work hard to keep their customers happy because they care about more than just the job, they care about customers. Call today to schedule a backflow testing appointment!


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