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24-hour Emergency Service in Tuscaloosa

Have a plumbing or heating emergency in Tuscaloosa? Give us a call. We’ll have it fixed in no time!

Burst pipes and broken furnaces always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times—not that a plumbing or heating emergency is ever convenient. If you’ve ever had an emergency, you know how hard it can be to get a Tuscaloosa handyman out to fix it. That’s why at Premier Service Company, Inc., we offer 24/7 emergency service to give you peace of mind. Whether you need an emergency plumber or emergency heating repair, we’re here for you.


Not an emergency? Schedule standard plumbing or heating services today.

24/7 Professional Emergency Heating Repair Services

There’s nothing worse than a cold house in the middle of winter, even with the mild Tuscaloosa seasons. Unfortunately, most heating problems happen when people use their systems a lot, which means more work for us during the winter.

We offer 24-hour heating repair to get your home cozy and warm again. Our expert technicians know how to diagnose common heating problems and carry all the tools necessary to fix issues of all varieties. Doing so allows us to solve your problem without returning a second time. We specialize in emergency furnace repair and can repair any furnace brand on the spot.

When to Call for 24-Hour AC Repair


Being without AC on a sweltering Alabama summer day is extremely unpleasant at best and deadly at worst. Some telltale signs that your cooling system needs immediate repair include:

  • Warm air coming from the vents instead of cool

  • Weak current or no airflow at all

  • Odd noises coming from the unit

  • Ice forming on the AC or a pool of water under the unit

  • The outdoor fan isn’t spinning


If your central AC system has stopped working after hours, call a licensed 24-hour air conditioning repair service in Tuscaloosa. Call Premier Service Company, Inc. Our team is standing by to ensure you and your loved ones stay safe and comfortable no matter what time you need us!

Tuscaloosa’s Best 24-Hour Plumbers


A plumbing emergency isn’t just inconvenient— it can be costly as well. A burst pipe can cause significant water damage within hours. No matter when you call us, our team will be there fast.

At Premier Service Company, Inc., we believe that good customer service starts long before a customer calls. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure that we’re always available when you need us with fast, friendly, prompt service.

In most cases, our 24-hour plumber can fix the problem on the spot. In the unlikely event that a second visit is necessary, we’ll make sure that the issue is temporarily contained and won’t cause additional damage to your home in the meantime.

Curious about who we are? Meet our experienced team of plumbing and heating experts!


Why Choose Premier Service Company, Inc.?


There are other 24/7 emergency heating and plumbing contractors in Tuscaloosa—so why choose us? At Premier Service Company, Inc., we value our customers above all else.

We put our over 25 years of experience to work to deliver:

  • Exceptional service

  • Quality results

  • Competitive rates

  • Fast turnaround times

Our goal is to be more than just your go-to plumbing and heating contractor—we’re a part of this community. That’s why we offer apprenticeship programs to improve the local economy and financing to help ensure all our neighbors can get the help they need when they need it.


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