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How to Protect Your Home Year-Round

Don’t wait until something happens. With harsh winter temperatures and spring storms soon approaching, now is the time to consider protecting your home from weather-related outages. With a standby home generator, you no longer need to worry about any interruptions in service for your home from a downed power line or outage. When the power source shuts down, your generator seamlessly powers up automatically and keeps your household running free of disruptions.

Benefits of Installing a Whole-House Generator

At Premier Service Company, we are certified Generac dealers, the number one selling brand of home generators, providing a reputable product and service you can trust. Don’t want a Generac, we can install and service all residential generators Still not convinced?

Here are four reasons why a whole-house generator can be beneficial to your household:

1. Increased Safety

Whole-house generators are installed with proper venting to guarantee deadly fumes don’t get into the home. This makes them the safer choice for your family.

2. Better Functionality

These can provide power for hours without interruptions.

3. Designate Appliances

You can set it to turn on specific appliances during an outage. This can be useful to keep key units like an HVAC system or refrigerator running.

4. Start Automatically

These should start automatically within minutes of losing power. If you already have a generator system installed at your home, Premier Service Company also provides generator inspections, services, and repairs to keep your home running smoothly.

Generator Inspections and Repairs

Did you know manufacturers recommend a full generator inspection by a certified technician every 6 months, and a full-service maintenance on your generator at least once a year? Keeping your system clean and maintained regularly is the best way to keep your peace of mind when it comes to protecting your home in times of power outages. Premier Service Company offers generator maintenance quarterly, bi-annually, and annually to provide a plan that fits your home’s needs.

Our team of knowledgeable, skilled electricians are available for installation, repair, and maintenance on almost all residential generators. We are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all of your generator needs. Count on Premier Service Company, Inc. for whole-home surge protection installation and repairs, proudly serving the Tuscaloosa, AL community for nearly 30 years. Schedule your inspection or consultation today by calling (205) 752-6332, or request service here.


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