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Septic Tank Pumping in Tuscaloosa

Need a new septic tank? Call Premier Service Company, Inc. in Tuscaloosa, today!

Septic tanks are one of the best ways to dispose of on-site sewerage. They’re environmentally friendly and very low maintenance if installed correctly. That’s why it’s essential to leave septic tank installation to a professional. An improperly installed septic system can also pollute surface and drinking water and cause severe environmental damage.

The best way to avoid any issues is to work with a reputable septic tank contractor, such as Premier Service Company, Inc. Our Tuscaloosa, AL, contractors have installed hundreds of septic tanks and understand the intricacies of correct installation.

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How to Care for Your Septic Tank?

While septic tanks are low maintenance, that doesn’t mean that they’re indestructible. Several things can damage a septic tank, resulting in the need for a septic tank replacement.


By taking a few small precautions, you can keep your septic system healthy and functioning for years to come:

  • Don’t dump grease down a drain or toilet.

  • Install drainage to keep the area around the tank from getting waterlogged.

  • Avoid flushing solids down the toilet.

  • Have regular inspections.

  • Keep the tank area clear of trees or concrete structures.

  • Use septic-tank-friendly cleaning fluids (avoid bleach).

Common Septic Tank Problems


Some of the most common problems we see in Tuscaloosa septic tank installations are a result of inadequate field line installation or lack of proper care.


Some signs you may have an issue with your septic system include:

  • Standing water or signs of soil saturation near the field.

  • Slow-draining tubs or toilets.

  • Water backing up into your tub.

  • Gurgling sounds after flushing the toilet.

  • Unpleasant smells after heavy water usage.


Septic tanks deteriorate over time — you will eventually need a septic system replacement. While proper care can prolong the life of the tank and system, no tank lasts forever.


Has your septic already backed up? Get in touch with us ASAP for emergency plumbing services.

Tuscaloosa Septic Tank Installation and Replacement


Whether you’re installing a new septic system or replacing an existing one, it’s essential to work with the right company. Many septic tank pumping companies will do a quick and dirty job, which can result in severe environmental consequences sooner or later.

At Premier Service Company, Inc., our trained technicians take every aspect of your site into account when designing a septic system. Not only do we choose the right tank for your household size, but we also evaluate the ground around the tank area to make sure it’s suitable. Soil that is too coarse or too fine can prevent the tank from working as well as it should.

Septic tank installation or replacement requires a lot of care and experience. That’s why you should work with our expert technicians, who understand the business inside-out.





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