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Ductless Mini Split Systems

Ductless Mini Split AC Systems in Tuscaloosa

Do you want a cooling system but don’t have ductwork in your home? Call Premier Service Company, Inc. for a ductless AC installation.

If you would like to install an AC unit to combat the summer heat in Tuscaloosa, AL, but don’t have ductwork in your home, there’s no need to panic. Premier Service Company, Inc. can provide you with a ductless mini split AC system that’s more than capable of satisfying your cooling needs.

All the ductless mini split air conditioners we supply and install are from leading brands and are generally more energy-efficient than central ACs.

Prefer a central AC unit? We can make that happen—we also offer ductwork installation.

Ductless Mini Split AC Installation: A Single-Room Solution

Unlike a central AC, a ductless mini split air conditioner doesn’t use air ducts. Instead, it’s attached directly to the room that it’s meant to cool. Because it doesn’t need to circulate cool air to different rooms via air ducts, ductless systems require less power and are cheaper to run. They are also easier to install.

Regardless of the size of your property, we can provide you with a ductless mini-split installation that’s a perfect fit for your needs. We can even provide you with a ductless heating and air system if you would prefer your AC to also serve as a heating system.

Because the installation process is quick, we can typically complete the entire process within a single visit.

Extending the Life of Your Ductless AC


Like every other system, your ductless AC will last longer and perform better if it undergoes regular maintenance.


At Premier Service Company, Inc., we perform yearly ductless AC maintenance by:

  • Changing filters

  • Verifying all its interior components are in good condition

  • Checking the refrigerant level


Yearly maintenance also has the upside of catching faults before they escalate into more complicated and expensive problems.

If you’ve been neglecting maintenance and are experiencing AC troubles, you can take advantage of our 24/7 emergency ductless system repair services. By calling us for emergency repairs, you can have your AC restored and working perfectly in no time, regardless of where you live in Tuscaloosa.


To see how your neighbors are benefiting from our AC maintenance and installation services, check out our latest customer reviews.

Benefits of Choosing a Ductless Mini Split System


Unlike central ACs that require ductwork, ductless mini-split installation doesn’t require the presence of ductwork in your home. Even if there’s ductwork in place, its presence won’t interfere with the installation or use of a ductless system.

Other reasons to choose a ductless system include:

  • Lower cooling costs.

  • By having a ductless mini split AC system for each room, you can better control the temperature in each room.

  • Quick and easy to install.

  • They make less noise than the average central AC.


Tips for Homeowners

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