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Outdoor Lighting Services in Tuscaloosa, AL

Improve the safety of your home and building with outdoor lighting. Call us to have lights installed at your property in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Outdoor lighting can provide both safety and décor to your property. Adding new lights to your yard or patio can create an inviting outdoor living space, while also deterring possible intruders or critters. Keeping your property and parking lots well-lit can also improve safety and comfort for visitors. Call Premier Service Company, Inc. today to have our electricians install outdoor lights on your property. A family-owned company, we’ve provided quality services to the Tuscaloosa, AL area since 1992.

Keep your property and loved ones safe by hiring professional electricians to repair your pool and hot tub wiring. Call us to learn more about our services!

Benefits of Security Lighting

A dark home or property can be inviting to intruders, providing hiding places and putting your family and building occupants’ safety at risk. To improve the safety of your home and building, install outdoor security lights.


Some of the benefits of security lighting can include:

  • It can prevent intruders and burglars from targeting your home or building.

  • It can prevent critters from entering your property or other unwanted places, like your trash.

  • It can help your family, visitors, and guests safely move around your property on well-lit walkways or parking lots.

Types of Patio Lighting for Your Yard


You can enhance any outdoor living space by installing the right kind of outdoor lights. There are several types of lights you can select for your patio.


Some of these include:

  • Spotlights: These point in one direction, allowing you to focus on a particular feature of your yard, such as a planter, statue, water feature, or other item.

  • Floodlights: These can add lights from above to large areas, such as a patio or a driveway.

  • Up/downlights: These spotlights can be moved up or down to focus on a particular area of your yard.

  • Step lights: These increase safety by lighting up the stairs.

  • Garden lights: These help you light up specific plants in your garden. They typically shine downwards.

  • Bollard lights: These are posts with a light on the top. They can shine in all directions to light up an area.

  • String lights: These add ambiance and can be strung over trees, and hardscapes and wrapped around other areas to add subtle light to your yard.

Adding new indoor lighting to your home can quickly change the decor and ambiance of your property. Learn more about our services!

Five Things to Know About Parking Lot Lighting


For the safety of a building’s occupants and guests, it’s important to keep a property’s parking lot well-lit to increase everyone’s safety when walking between the building and their vehicles.


When selecting and installing parking lot lights, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Be aware of local ordinances: Make sure the type of lighting you want to install on the property is approved by your local city government.

  • Know the industry standards: Work with trusted professionals who can help you determine what types of designs and requirements should be considered for your parking lot lights.

  • Know your insurance requirements: Make sure the lights you’re installing meet all property insurance requirements.

  • Select energy-efficient lights: To save on utility bills, select lights that are energy-efficient.

  • See what others are using: Get ideas by looking at other businesses around you to see what types of lighting they are using.


Tips for Homeowners

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