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3 Ways To Update Your Detached Garage

One thing that tends to get neglected the most on a homeowner’s property is their detached garage. It isn’t a part of the home and probably only gets attention when the homeowner goes in to get their lawnmower or maybe to get their car. Chances are, it is time for that detached garage to get a little update.

There are three things that every homeowner can do to their detached garage for the new year to make it feel like a new garage. These three things aren’t expensive and can easily be done by a professional in one appointment. After homeowners have their detached garage updated, they may even start to see savings!

1. Keep It Safe With GFCI Outlets

The detached garage usually gets stuffed with all the valuables that don’t fit in the house. When one thinks about it, why else would they have a detached garage if they weren’t going to put their things in it? Regardless, GFCI outlets are the only outlets to have in a detached garage.

Here are a few of the common benefits of switching to GFCI outlets:
  • Lowers the risk of electrical fire by up to 80%

  • Prevents electrical shock during storms

  • Prevents damage to any electrical devices

  • They last longer than traditional outlets

Even when GFCI outlets get old and start to go bad, these outlets are still significantly safer than traditional outlets. They are designed to trip when they sense a surge in electricity, so when they go bad, they most likely will trip more often than they’re supposed to. In a sense, this makes them safer as they get older.

2. Inspect All Wiring and Circuit Breakers

Families that have a detached garage don’t usually tend to it very often. In fact, it is extremely common for the wiring and circuit breakers in the detached garage to go bad without the homeowner realizing it. This mainly happens because the garage wiring might even go bad before the wiring in the home.

If homeowners start to notice any of these signs, then it’s time to have their electrical wiring redone in their detached garage:
  • Flickering or dimming lights

  • Warmth behind the walls

  • Unusual noises when turning on the lights

  • The circuit breaker trips often

3. Install an Electric Car Charger

More and more people seem to be buying into the electric car industry. The highways and parking lots are progressively becoming more open to electric car traffic with the addition of charging stations set up all over the place, especially in big cities.

Homeowners can now have an electric car charger installed in their very home detached garage! Doing so would help alleviate some of the stress of charging their electric car. There is bound to be a future when most car owners own an electric car, so investing in a car charger now is practical.

Regardless of how homeowners plan to update their detached garage this year, the local professionals are there to help!

Premier Service Company, Inc. Knows Electrical Systems

There is no need to worry when the professionals at Premier Service Company, Inc. are around. They have years of experience and the licenses necessary to get any job done efficiently and safely. Call today to schedule electrical services with an expert Tuscaloosa, AL electrical repair expert!


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