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Breaker Panel Repair & Replacement in Tuscaloosa

When your electrical panel needs repairs, schedule professional services as soon as possible. Call us for panel upgrades and breaker box replacements in Tuscaloosa!

When the power unexpectedly goes out in your home or building, typically the first step is to check the breaker panel to see if a circuit was tripped. We rely on electrical panels to provide electricity to our homes or buildings and keep our appliances, lights, and electronics running safely. When there’s an issue with a breaker panel, it can put our home, building, family, and others at risk, as well as cause an inconvenience. To prevent risks and reduce the amount of time your family is left in the dark, call a trusted electrical service company like Premier Service Company, Inc. A family-owned company, we’ve provided quality services to the Tuscaloosa, AL area since 1992.

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Benefits of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

There are certain signs that indicate you need to upgrade your property’s breaker panel. Some symptoms can include age and efficiency. If your electrical panel is old, it may be time to replace the system to upgrade to the latest functionality and ensure it’s up to code. The panel should also be replaced if the system is struggling to keep up with the electrical needs of the property.

Upgrading your panel can allow you to:

  • Use more outlets and circuits throughout your property.

  • Prevent some electrical repairs by ensuring the panel is working properly.

  • Avoid overloaded breakers.

  • Reduce overcrowded outlets.

  • Provide more power to larger appliances.

Common Electrical Panel Issues


Electrical panels help protect your property. When the units need repairs, it’s important to fix the issue as soon as possible to prevent fires and other threats to your home or building.

Some of the more common problems you might encounter can include:

  • Overcrowding: Older homes or buildings might not have enough amps in the electrical panel. This can result in a crowded panel with double-tapped breakers that have multiple wires connected to the same breaker.

  • Not enough capacity: You may need a larger panel if you notice power surges and flickering lights in your property.

  • Corrosion: Call a professional to inspect any signs of rust, water damage, and corrosion.


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What to Expect During Electrical Inspections of Panels?


To ensure your property’s breaker panel is functioning properly, it’s important to schedule regular professional inspections with an electrician.


Some tasks a technician may perform can include:

  • Check the electrical meter to make sure it’s functioning properly.

  • Inspect the cables entering your house and look for any damage.

  • Examine the grounding system.

  • Check the electrical panel for signs of wear and tear.

  • Inspect the panel for overcrowding.

  • Look for wiring issues.

  • Look for surge protection on the panel and on appliances.


Tips for Homeowners

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