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Commercial Electrician in Tuscaloosa

Are the lights flickering in your commercial building? Is there a burning smell coming from an outlet? Does the circuit breaker keep tripping? If you are experiencing these issues in your property you need to hire a commercial electrician.


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Types of Landscape Lighting for Your Commercial Property

Landscape lighting allows you to improve the appearance of your commercial property while also making it safe for visitors.


Some types of lights you can have an electrician install are:

  • Path lighting: These can light up a pathway with both ambient or direct light, and provide safety by illuminating a walking path through the property.

  • Grazing: These can be used to cover a flat surface, like a wall, step, or hedge. Lights can be installed under railings, seat walls, steps, or other areas to highlight changes in elevation.

  • Mood lighting: These lights turn trees and their surrounding landscape into focal points.

  • Uplighting: One of the most popular types of lights, these allow you to highlight vertical elements like a flag pole, building sign, tree, or other features. These lights are installed on the ground and shine upwards.

Signs of Wiring Issues in Your Commercial Building


Wiring issues can pose serious risks to your property, including a potential fire. To avoid these dangers, it’s important to have wiring problems repaired by an electrician as soon as possible.


Some signs that can indicate you have a wiring issue that needs to be repaired can include:

  • Circuit breaker trips often: If the building’s circuit breaker trips multiple times a month, it can signal there’s an issue that needs to be resolved.

  • Flickering lights, buzzing sounds: These symptoms can signal your wiring is outdated or damaged and needs to be examined by a professional.

  • Frayed wires: Whether it’s from wear and tear or has been damaged by rodents, frayed wires can cause shock and pose a fire risk.

  • Discoloration, scorching, or smoke: Discoloration or burn marks on an outlet can be a symptom of damaged wiring.

  • Warm outlets: Heat or vibrations near outlets can indicate there’s an issue with the wiring an electrician needs to inspect.

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What to Expect During Commercial Electrical Inspections?


It’s important to keep your electrical system in good condition to prevent fires and other issues at your commercial property. To ensure your wiring is up to code and there aren’t any other issues with your electrical work you should schedule an inspection with a commercial electrician.

During these inspections, you can expect an electrician to perform the following tasks:

  • Check the wiring to examine how it was installed and ensure it’s up to code.

  • Make sure the wiring is the right material for your property.

  • Check the number of bends in each conduit.

  • Determine whether or not your electrical system needs corrosion protection.


Tips for Homeowners

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