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Whole House Generator Services in Tuscaloosa

Protect your home or property during a blackout! Call us to install or repair your whole house generator in the Tuscaloosa, AL area.

When heavy storms move in, don’t risk losing power in your home. This can cause an inconvenience to your household, reduce productivity in a building and put your safety at risk. You can avoid these situations by installing a whole-house generator. Call Premier Service Company, Inc. for whole home surge protection installation and repairs in Tuscaloosa, AL. A family-owned company, we’ve been serving the area since 1992.

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Benefits of Installing a Whole-House Generator

A heat wave or strong storm can put your home or building at risk of losing power. To avoid this, install a whole-house generator on your property.


Some of the advantages of installing a unit can include:

  • Increased safety: Whole-house units emit fewer fumes than portable generators. This can make them safer for all occupants of the property.

  • Better functionality: These can provide power for hours without interruptions.

  • Designate appliances: You can set it to turn on specific appliances during an outage. This can be useful to keep key units like an HVAC system or refrigerator running.

  • Start automatically: These should start automatically within minutes of losing power.

How to Select the Right Generator for Your Property?


You have several options when determining which generator to install at your house or building.


When deciding, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Decide which appliances you need the generator to power during a blackout.

  • Make sure the unit can work in Alabama’s extreme heat and humidity to ensure your air conditioning will keep running during an outage.

  • Determine how many watts of electricity the unit needs to provide to ensure you buy the right-sized system.

  • Set a budget and see which models are available at that price.

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Why Your Property Needs a Generator?


Are you questioning whether or not you need a generator at your home or building? While you might be able to roll the dice and avoid a power outage, there are circumstances that can increase your risk of suffering a blackout.


Some situations that can signal you need to install a unit can include:

  • Your area gets hit with heavy rain or severe storms.

  • Your property loses power more than three times a year.

  • The summer heat produces lengthy blackouts.


Tips for Homeowners

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