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Hydro Jetting Services in Tuscaloosa, AL

Nothing beats hydro jetting for sewer line blockages and drain cleaning!

Premier Service Company, Inc. has been providing hydro jetting services for more than 20 years. Our plumbers have the proper credentials and experience to perform accurate and safe hydro jetting on drain pipes and sewer lines. However, this extreme burst water pressure can potentially destroy pipes and damage property when not applied correctly by an expert hydro-jetting company.

This high-pressure drain cleaning tool is extremely powerful, sending a powerful blast of high-pressure water through your indoor drains and main sewer lines. It is also very useful for landscaping drains, frozen pipes, and other line blockages. Hydro jetting is the method used by plumbers when plungers and snakes fail. Call us today to see if your drain and sewer lines can benefit from hydro jetting service. We offer 24-hour service and flat rates for your convenience.

Safe Hydro Jetting Service by Local Experts

Hydro Jetting is a powerful technique that can damage older pipes if not done by an experienced, licensed professional. It is very effective for clearing drain blockages but must be used with skill and precision. Hydro jetting by amateurs can be dangerous and can cause damage to pipes and even bodily harm. Very extreme water pressure can potentially destroy older pipes when not applied properly.

Our team of experts has the skill to tackle any drain blockage problem in your home. We have been providing hydro jetting services for decades. Call us today to work with the most respected drain and sewer line professionals in Tuscaloosa.

Why Hydro Jetting Is Often Better Than Snaking?


Most plumbers usually start with a snake when trying to unclog a drain blockage. Snaking can be effective for removing debris like hair, food, and other objects in the drain. However, snaking can remove the most stubborn of drain stoppages in minutes, while snaking requires repeated treatments because it doesn’t remove the clog completely.

Hydro jetting removes grease or residual build-up that is stuck inside the walls of your drain pipes whereas snaking won’t. Restaurant and coffee shop owners know this well and waste no time calling us for hydro-jetting service. too familiar with hydro jetting. We recommend routine hydro jetting your drains to prevent clogs, particularly if you cook with heavy grease.


Hydro jetting will completely clean your pipes without harsh chemicals, making it better for the environment than other techniques. Call us today, to see if your drain lines can benefit from hydro jetting.

Routine Hydro Jetting Eliminates Drain & Sewer Blockages


The high-pressure blast of water that hydro jetting offers will cut through the tree roots and heavy debris blocking up your lines. It can cut right through grease buildup on the walls of your pipes. In fact,  when done regularly, this type of service will keep your pipes cleaner better than anything, including snakes, toxic chemicals, and other DIY techniques.





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  • Water Main & Burst Pipe Repair

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