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Emergency Plumber in Vance, AL

Water damage can quickly rack up expensive repairs in your home or building. To avoid these costly fixes, it’s important to have plumbing issues repaired at the first signs of trouble. Call Premier Service Company, Inc. for 24-hour plumbing services. A family-owned company, we’ve been helping our Vance, AL neighbors since 1992.


We offer complete plumbing services to the Vance, AL area, including:

We Serve Customers Throughout Vance

Advantages of Tankless Water Heaters

Are you looking to save money on your utility bills but don’t want to lower your usage of hot water? Installing a tankless water heater can be the solution.


Some of the benefits of utilizing these energy-efficient systems are:

  • They only heat up the exact amount of water that’s needed.

  • They result in lower monthly utility bills since they use less energy.

  • They require less maintenance.

  • There’s less chance of developing contaminated water as it doesn’t sit in a storage tank until it’s used.

  • They take up less space since there isn’t a storage tank.

  • They produce hot water on-demand, as you need it.

How to Keep Septic Tanks Working Efficiently?


A malfunctioning septic tank can quickly create a plumbing emergency at your home or building.


To avoid this, it’s important to take the following steps to keep your system working efficiently:

  • Don’t dump grease down a sink or toilet. This can cause the septic drain-field to clog.

  • When building a home or building, position the landscaping, roof gutters and foundation drains so the water flows away from the drainfield. If a drainfield gets too much water it will not be able to absorb the excess liquid waste.

  • Keep trees, tree roots and concrete structures like driveways or patios away from the septic tank.

  • Don’t flush solid materials like banana peels or coffee grounds into the toilet.

  • Schedule regular professional service inspections.

Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning Services


Keeping your drains clean can help avoid massive clogs later that can require emergency plumbing services.


Hiring plumbers to perform regular professional drain cleaning services can include:

  • Clearing stubborn clogs from drains.

  • Eliminating slow drains.

  • Lowering the risk of plumbing emergencies.

  • Reducing odors from drains that can come from trapped food.

  • Allowing a plumber to identify small issues during a routine service appointment before they become much larger problems.


Tips for Homeowners

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