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Emergency Plumber in Coker, AL

Do you need a water heater installed, a leaky pipe repaired or other plumbing issues addressed? Don’t delay, schedule professional services today. Call Premier Service Company, Inc., a family-owned company since 1992, for services in Coker, AL. We offer 24-hour emergency plumbing appointments and upfront pricing!

We offer full plumbing services throughout the Coker area:

We Serve Customers Throughout Coker

How a Tankless Water Heater Can Benefit Your Home?

Do you want the convenience of on-demand hot water without paying for high utility bills or needing to create room for a large storage tank? A tankless water heater might be the right solution for you. 

Some other advantages of this system can include:

  • It uses less energy as these units only heat up the exact amount of water that’s needed instead of heating up an entire storage tank of water.

  • It requires less maintenance as there isn’t a storage tank that needs to be inspected and kept in good working condition.

  • It has less chance of contaminated water as the water isn’t stored in a tank until it’s used.

  • It takes up less space since there isn’t a tank that needs to be installed.

  • It won’t run out of hot water, as these systems produce hot water as you need it.

Common Sump Pump Problems


To help prevent an emergency at your home, you need your sump pump to work properly. If it’s malfunctioning it can lead to flooding in your property – which can result in costly repairs. That’s why it’s important to identify issues as soon as they occur so you can schedule repairs with a plumber. 

Some problems to watch for can include:

  • Power failures: If you don’t have a battery backup system installed in your unit it won’t turn on during a power outage.

  • Float valve issues: Make sure the float valve is free from any obstructions in order to avoid more serious problems.

  • Underpowered pumps: Is your unit the right size for your property? If it’s not, it may not be able to effectively prevent water from flooding your home.

  • Frozen or clogged discharge pipe: Make sure the discharge pipes are clean and working properly to avoid more serious issues.

  • Worn-out pump motors: Check the motor to ensure it’s working properly and it’s not experiencing wear and tear.

Ways to Avoid Clogs in Your Drains


Blockages in your drainage system can lead to large issues in your home or building, including water damage. 

To avoid these problems, it’s important to keep your drains free of clogs by using these tips:

  • Keep food scraps out of kitchen drains, even if you have a garbage disposal. Instead, first scrape any excess food into a trash can or compost before washing dishes.

  • Don’t pour grease down the drain. Let it cool and then dispose of it in the garbage.

  • Prevent hair from going down bathroom drains by installing screens to collect it. These need to be cleaned out every few weeks to keep the drains working as expected.

  • Only flush waste and toilet paper down toilets.

  • Schedule regular professional drain cleanings.


Tips for Homeowners

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