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Air Conditioning Repair in Coker, AL

When the summer heat hits, you need to be cool and comfortable in your home or building. If you notice issues with your unit that need to be repaired, call Premier Service Company, Inc. We offer 24-hour emergency cooling and heating services to keep your Coker, AL property at the ideal temperature all year long. A family-owned company since 1992, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right!

We offer complete heating and cooling services to the Coker, AL area, including:

We Serve Customers Throughout Coker

Simple Ways to Save on Cooling Costs

You rely heavily on your air conditioner to keep your property cool and comfortable during the summer months. However, keeping your home or building at an ideal temperature can also be costly. 

Use these tips to save money on your cooling expenses:

  • Properly insulate your home or building.

  • Replace air filters regularly. This should ideally be done every three months.

  • Have your AC unit inspected by a professional at least once a year.

  • Install a programmable thermostat to regulate the temperature in the property.

  • Turn your unit down a few degrees. This will use less energy and you are unlikely to notice the change.

  • If you have an outdated system, replace it with a newer model.

  • Use fans to help circulate cool air throughout your property.

  • Close drapes on sunny days to keep out extra heat.

Common Heater Issues


When the temperatures dip in the winter months you need a reliable heater to keep your home warm. Unfortunately, from time to time your unit may suffer from common issues that need to be repaired by a professional. 

Some problems to watch for can include:

  • Uneven heating: If you find hot and cold spots throughout your property that signal your unit is heating your home or building inconsistently.

  • Shuts down: If your unit shuts down frequently before reaching the setting on the thermostat it can be due to an issue with the wiring, pilot light, or thermostat.

  • Long time to heat: If your property takes too long to heat – and even turning up the thermostat doesn’t help – it can indicate an issue with the air ducts, fan motor, belts, or bearings.

Signs Your Furnace Needs to Be Replaced


Have you had to make frequent repairs on your furnace? This is just one symptom that can indicate you need to replace the unit. 

Other signs can include:

  • If it’s an older unit that’s nearing the end of its life expectancy.

  • If it’s no longer working as efficiently as it used to, resulting in your property not reaching the desired temperature.

  • If there are cracks in the unit. These can lead to serious issues like a carbon monoxide leak.

  • If there is a rise in monthly utility bills, indicating the unit is working harder than it used to.

  • If the unit needs multiple – or costly – repairs.


Tips for Homeowners

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