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Air Conditioning Repair in Vance, AL

Make sure your air conditioner and heater are fully functioning when the summer heat and winter chill hits Alabama. When your systems need repairs, take action quickly to avoid being uncomfortable in your home or building. Call Premier Service Company, Inc. for 24-hour air conditioner and heating repairs. A family-owned company, we proudly service the Vance, AL area.

We offer complete heating and cooling services to the Vance, AL area, including:

We Serve Customers Throughout Vance

Easy Ways to Save on AC Cooling Costs

When summer heat hits, it’s important to remain comfortable in your home. Unfortunately, keeping your air conditioner running – especially during the peak of summer – can take a toll on your utility bills. 

To trim these costs, use these tips:

  • Make sure your home is properly insulated.

  • Replace the filters regularly, about every three months.

  • Have an AC contractor perform a tune-up on your unit at least once a year.

  • Install a programmable thermostat.

  • Turn the thermostat down a few degrees. It will result in savings and you are unlikely to notice a difference.

  • Replace an older, outdated system with a newer unit.

  • Use fans to help circulate the air and make the property feel cooler.

  • Keep the drapes closed on sunny days to keep out the extra heat.

Benefits of Installing a New Heater


Is your heater nearing the end of its lifespan? Replacing the unit can have several benefits for your entire property. 

Some of the advantages of installing a new system include:

  • It’s more energy-efficient, resulting in a unit that’s better for the environment. It can also reduce utility costs.

  • It provides more comfort throughout the property as it can properly heat the home or building.

  • It creates better indoor air quality as it effectively removes dust, debris and other particles from the air.

  • It gives peace of mind that it won’t need repairs in the near future.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repairs


You don’t want to get caught with a malfunctioning furnace in the winter months. To avoid being stuck in the cold, it’s important to schedule an appointment with a heating contractor at the first signs of trouble. 

Some symptoms that can indicate your unit needs repairs can include:

  • Short cycling: If the unit runs for less than three minutes before shutting off, it can indicate a problem with the heat exchanger or the thermostat.

  • Irregular flames: If you notice irregular flames in the unit that look uneven or lean toward the back, it can be caused by something minor, like dirty burners, or something more serious like a cracked heat exchanger.

  • Unusual sounds: If you hear sounds like rumbling, popping, or whistling coming from the unit it can indicate a problem that will need to be inspected and diagnosed by a professional.

  • Cracked heat exchanger: If you suspect you have a cracked heat exchanger you should call a professional immediately to examine the issue. This can lead to a dangerous carbon monoxide leak, which can pose dangerous risks to your household.


Tips for Homeowners

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