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Why Air Conditioner Maintenance is Important

Air conditioner systems like cars need regular maintenance to keep you from having to do costly repairs or replace the entire system itself. Contractors are busier during the summer because systems are working harder and tend to break down more. This makes it harder to get system checks in the summer. If you do have something break down sometimes you may wait longer for service because of the increase in demand calls in the summer. Not only are you waiting for service but now you are waiting in the heat and humidity. Not only are contractors busier but like I stated before your system is working harder so that minor fixes or adjustments that would have been taken care of or caught by your spring maintenance may now turn into a major repair.

What It Includes:

So, what exactly is maintenance? Different companies include different things. But a certified technician can check your thermostat to make sure you are taking advantage of any energy-saving features. If you have questions about the operation of the thermostat the technician can answer and walk you through how to use it. the technician will check and possibly tighten any loose electrical connections which could be unsafe or cause certain parts of your system to work harder causing problems or breakdowns. They can lubricate any moving parts to decrease the amount of electricity you are using. They will check drains to make sure nothing is clogged to avoid water damage. And one of the most important things for gas systems is checking to make sure there are no dangerous gas leaks.

What You Can Do in Between Air Conditioner Maintenance

Although regular air conditioner maintenance is recommended there are some things you can do yourself to help your system function better and more efficiently. Changing your filters regularly will help to improve your system’s functionality by allowing air to flow more freely. Likewise keeping your outside unit clear of objects and free from dirt, debris, and pet hair help to keep it from getting clogged and reducing airflow. Reduction in airflow makes your unit work harder using more energy and therefore increasing energy usage and utility bills.

Take care of your unit with regular maintenance and proper care in between and increase the life of your heating and air conditioning unit while saving money on your utility bills. To learn more visit YouTube. For quality air conditioner maintenance service please contact us today at 205-752-6332 and make an appointment.


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