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Tuscaloosa Boiler Services

Your boiler is a vital component of your heating system—but chances are if yours has stopped working, you already know that. Premier Service Company, Inc. is a leading boiler installation and repair company in Tuscaloosa, AL. Enjoy professional boiler services in Tuscaloosa, AL – call today.

We have the expertise and experience to oversee any boiler replacement or repair job, no matter how big or small.

As a top boiler service company, we aim to offer practical solutions at any time of the day as well as:

  • Customized service.

  • Honest, professional advice.

  • Cost-effective and transparent pricing.

  • No-mess timely work that respects your home or place of business.

  • Quality, professional work backed by guarantees.


We also offer radiant floor installation and repair services. Get in touch with us today for a comprehensive quote!

Signs You Should Replace Your Boiler

Boilers, like any other installation, have limited lifespans. Most modern boilers need replacement after 15 years of service to ensure safety and peak efficiency. Older boilers also lack the technology that newer models possess.


If you notice any of the following signs, replacing your boiler may be the best option:

  • Continuous breakdowns even after a recent service.

  • An efficiency rating lower than ‘A’.

  • Visible leaks.

  • The boiler takes longer to heat up than usual.

  • An inexplicable rise in heating costs.

  • Rooms are heated unevenly.

  • Boiler spare parts are no longer available.

  • A yellow instead of a blue flame – this indicates a CO gas leakage—call us ASAP.


After a thorough inspection, our highly qualified service techs will advise you on whether our boiler repair service is the best option, or if you’d be better off with a new unit. We aim to ensure that your heating needs are met in the most cost-efficient way.

What to Expect From Us?


As a professional boiler repair company, Premier Service Company, Inc. understands that investing in a new boiler is not a decision you can make on a whim. We aim to give you professional advice and transparent pricing information before you make any decisions regarding your home heating and cooling system.

Your safety is our priority—our licensed service techs will look out for any of the following on a maintenance call before recommending a boiler replacement:

  • Inspect and clean the heat exchanger.

  • Examine the gas vent, air piping, and valve discharge pipe for evidence of leakage or blockage.

  • Inspect the condensate drain line, drain system, PVC fittings, and drain trap for blockages.

  • Check for CO gas leaks

  • Have the low water cutoff tested to ensure that water levels inside of the boiler don’t fall below manufacturer-recommended levels.


Need help right away? We also offer 24/7 emergency heating services.

Why Choose Us?


If you need boiler installation and repair services, choose Premier Service Company, Inc. as your go-to Tuscaloosa boiler repair contractor. You can count on us for professional, dependable service with transparent pricing options, honest advice, and no-mess, timely work.


Tips for Homeowners

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