Should You Invest in an Emergency Backup Generator?

When Do You Need a Backup? This situation or one like it might have happened to you. You’re using your laptop at night in your room with the lights on when suddenly, everything goes black and your laptop, that was plugged in and charging on its last leg, suddenly turns off. You figure your electricity […]

Choosing the Best Water Softener for You

Which Water Softener Is the Best for You? Water softeners are a must-have in any home, especially if you are known for having hard water. A water softener will filter out any calcium or magnesium that has built up in your supply. When your water has dissolved impurities and minerals like calcium and magnesium, it can cause […]

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Why It’s Important: Air conditioner systems like cars need regular maintenance to keep you from having to do costly repairs or replace the entire system itself. Contractors are busier during the summer because systems are working harder and tend to break down more. This makes it harder to get system checks in the summer. If […]

When Should I Replace My Electrical Panel?

Most people don’t think about their electrical panels (otherwise known as a breaker box) much. And if you aren’t experiencing any problems there is probably no need to think much about them. However, if your home was built before 1990 you may want to do a little investigation to make sure your home is safe […]

R-22, Who?

R-22 refrigerant also known as Air Conditioner Freon is slowly being phased out in the United States. The EPA determined that R-22 refrigerant contains ozone-depleting chemicals and began phase out in 2010. By 2020 R-22 will no longer be produced nor will it be imported into the United States. The good news is most air […]

What You Should Do in Case a Pipe Burst

The first thing you want to do if you suspect a pipe has burst is turn off the water. The shut off on your water main is located wherever the main service pipe connects to your house. If you can’t find the main water shut off inside your home look outside. The main water shut […]

What You Didn’t Know About Space Heater Safety

  It’s that time of year again where everyone is turning on their heat or often here in Tuscaloosa just pulling out the electric space heaters. Today space heaters are made with all kinds of safety features which has increased the amount purchased and used each year. They are especially popular in places where it […]

Keeping You Safe and Comfortable for Over 25 Years

Premier Service Company, Inc. is a full-service electrical, heating, cooling, plumbing, and alarm contractor serving the commercial, industrial, and residential markets. We also offer customized Design / Build services in all phases of our operations, including full AutoCAD capabilities. Since its founding in 1992, Premier Service Company, Inc. has grown from 7 employees to its […]

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